Mother's Day Mini Session Weekend 2018

Hey guys! I'm so excited to finally officially announce the details for the Mother's Day Mini session weekend! One of the most important things to me when I began planning this event was to keep it simple and stress-free. As a busy mom of three, I like life to be as uncomplicated as possible.

Against the wind

Taken on expired Kodak HD 400 film, uncropped

"What are nuns doing on the beach on a cold, windy day?" my friend asked. "Good question!" I said. Then I asked myself, "what was I doing on the beach on a cold, windy day?"

They were probably doing the same thing I was, which was getting away from the places one might expect to find me, for some introspection and nature. Nothing more.  

I remember that day pretty clearly. I was mostly alone, except for the nuns and a couple with a dog. I sat on a naturally occurring dune chair for a while, staring at the frozen lake and thinking about the past that had brought me to this point. I made my peace with it,  saw the nuns, took a photo, and went home.

Newborn Herbal and Floral Bath Shoot (with little Henry)

What is a newborn herbal bath? Well, as it relates to my photography, it's a time set aside for mother and baby, when I draw a bath and add an mix of gentle, healing herbs for both to enjoy. Then I add some pretty flowers provided by the wonderful Sugarfield Flowers). Baby relaxes and I take adorable photos of a sweet little baby in the water. And because a bath with a photographer can be only so relaxing, I leave a second packet for mom to use at her leisure when she needs a little time to unwind and be comforted. 

This is little Henry. Just perfect.