Valparaiso photographer

Against the wind

Taken on expired Kodak HD 400 film, uncropped

"What are nuns doing on the beach on a cold, windy day?" my friend asked. "Good question!" I said. Then I asked myself, "what was I doing on the beach on a cold, windy day?"

They were probably doing the same thing I was, which was getting away from the places one might expect to find me, for some introspection and nature. Nothing more.  

I remember that day pretty clearly. I was mostly alone, except for the nuns and a couple with a dog. I sat on a naturally occurring dune chair for a while, staring at the frozen lake and thinking about the past that had brought me to this point. I made my peace with it,  saw the nuns, took a photo, and went home.

Newborn Herbal and Floral Bath Shoot (with little Henry)

What is a newborn herbal bath? Well, as it relates to my photography, it's a time set aside for mother and baby, when I draw a bath and add an mix of gentle, healing herbs for both to enjoy. Then I add some pretty flowers provided by the wonderful Sugarfield Flowers). Baby relaxes and I take adorable photos of a sweet little baby in the water. And because a bath with a photographer can be only so relaxing, I leave a second packet for mom to use at her leisure when she needs a little time to unwind and be comforted. 

This is little Henry. Just perfect.


The Birth of Henry William Brewer

This birth went so smoothly. I arrived at the hospital at around 7am, around an hour after Maeve and Dave. Maeve was a first time mother and she couldn't have handled it any better. Of course, she had great support in her doula and my  friend Theresa Armstrong. She never panicked or lost control. It's been said that most people do more research when buying a car or a stereo system than the birth of their child. Having a good understanding of the birth process erases many fears and gives the woman confidence in her body's natural abilities. I think Maeve understood this. 

Dave was an excellent support for his laboring wife. He was always calm and attentive, even when things got a little intense. He was also really good for empathetic shots of his face. Thanks, Dave!

The birth of sweet Henry William Brewer was a very good one. He was so blessed by the way he was brought into this world.