San Francisco On The Fly

Mike and I went to San Francisco in May. We stayed with our good friends, Adam and Sharon.

We walked a lot and didn't stop walking for most of the time we were there. It was a colorful whirlwind of walking, eating, smelling, seeing and talking. Our very first stop after our friends picked us up from the airport was a burrito place called HRD Coffee Shop. I highly recommend it.  

I'm short and was fated to walk with long legged folk. Needless to say, if I wanted at all to stay with my posse, I had to take photos whilst in motion, for the most part. 

I considered subtitling this post 'Good Snapshots", but not all of them were snapshots, and not all of them were what I would consider good. But, I've included a lot of photos that I would otherwise not include in a professional photography blog, just because there were so many good memories associated with them. Which, now that I think of it, isn't that what makes some of our photos good anyway sometimes? It's not always about technical proficiency (except when you are paying someone!)

So, here we go!

~All photos can be clicked on and brought up in a lightbox for better viewing. This particular post does much better on a monitor or tablet than on a phone, as far as layout. ~


Day 1

Mike on takeoff, flying for the first time since he was 15. And beginning our journey into San Francisco.

Mike looking around for our friends at the airport and then looking at me. 


Sharon! And Adam!

Our first walk in our friends' Potrero Hill neighborhood. Mike and I admiring  the strange plant life.  Kansas Food Market, where Adam and Sharon buy milk. Adam and Sharon's backyard. Giant succulent graffiti? 

Heading out to explore the day/nightlife. Photos from the backseat...

Chinatown. Duh. I bought a cute gaiwan (for tea) from a tall, sassy Chinese guy in sweatpants and a baseball jeresy.

Vesuvio. One of my new favorite places. 

Exploring on my own for a minute while the others finish their drinks. 

City Lights Bookstore. Or, Michael in Wonderland. 

City Lights was founded in 1953 by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Peter D. Martin as the nation’s first all-paperback bookstore. In 1955, Ferlinghetti became the store’s sole owner and launched City Lights Publishers in order to present the work of the Beat poets, who were having difficulty finding a place for their writing with mainstream, East Coast publishers. Over the years, City Lights’s Pocket Poets Series introduced writers such as Allen GinsbergFrank O’Hara, and Jack Kerouac. Today, the press has over a hundred titles in print, with additional titles being published each year. -

More North Beach...

 Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store, also in North Beach. I believe I had the lasagna. Great atmosphere. 

Day 2

Mike and I set off on foot the next morning while our friends slumbered. 


Mike got coffee from this little corner shop. I don't remember the name. But, they served hard boiled eggs. All of the food in San Francisco was a lot more food-like I noticed. 

I got a delicious $6 sandwich for breakfast at another corner shop, a block down called Deli 23. I never knew olives and avocado went so well together. Yeah, I did have to show you my sandwich picture.


Muir woods=giant redwoods. I was mostly shooting film that day, so Mike used my digital camera. For scale, that's me at the bottom of the vertical tree picture. After the redwoods, we went to... After the first test shot I took of my man, and with the exception of all photos including him, this next sequence of photos can be credited to Mike. 

Also, Mike shots... after our 3 hour hike up a mountain in Muir woods, we went to this beautiful Pacific Ocean lookout called Muir beach Overlook. 

End Mike's Photography


On the way back to our friend's place. Some variation of this was a pretty common sight. Homelessness is a tricky Issue. There's not one cause and there's not one solution. This guy's got a pretty sweet set-up though.


Day 3

Golden Gate Park and Japanese Tea Garden! 


Golden Gate Park is long and runs into the coast. We walked the length and after watching a bird man make some seagulls do his bidding and getting a bird's eye view of the Sutro Bath ruins, we hopped cab to a Thai place where we sat in floor cubbies and had to take our shoes off.

Day 4

Sunday morning. Mike and I went to church at Grace Cathedral We actually went to to the service and these were taken after. I had no idea how beautiful it was going to be on our way there.  Handheld at a 30th of a second. Some of them are decent, but I would have loved to have a tripod and a few hours.

The man sitting on the bench was asking me about getting him a job there. I gave him a hug. At one point, I heard him from the other side of the cathedral hollering about something. The church powers escorted him out. That made my anti-authority blood boil. I thought they could have used a little more compassion, but then again, I don't know the whole story.  Later, when Mike and I were outside waiting for my cousin, I saw him get arrested. 

We met my cousin Jon and his girlfriend Sharon outside of the church. He had just moved back to California two weeks earlier. 

And then we headed to the Haight/Ashbury District...

The littlest thrasher.

Two of my favorite things - Mike and fresh produce.


Then we headed to Twin Peaks for a lovely view of the city.  The middle photo was taken by my cousin.

Aftewards, we headed to the  Mission district and got some tacos and whatnot. Then Mike and I headed back to Adam and Sharon's. This is their cat. His name's Mo.


Treasure Island. I temporarily (overnight) lost my wallet between those rocks during a routine lens changing.

Day 5

The next day, after recovering my wallet, Mike, our friends, my cousin and I went hiking through Mt. Diablo and Rock City. Very cool.

Adam's mountain antics.


Mike soaking up our last full day in California. 

All in all, in was a great trip. Our friends were awesome hosts and it was so cool to see my cousin on the other side of the country (even though I had just seen him in Indiana a few weeks earlier.) Mike and I will always remember this as our first trip without kids since our honeymoon. Will visit again.