One of These Days (This Show) Will End

On December 7th, Blackbird Cafe held the opening reception for my photography exhibition, "One of These Days These Days Will End".  Many of you came out to see me and it was a great show!

The show consists of 20 photographs I'd taken over a 3 year period of old/negelected/abandoned local barns and the surrounding area. I was surprised that people seemed to appreciate the subject matter a lot more than I thought they would.  When I would talk about the show, I would usually preface it with, "It's barns. Sounds boring , but..," Since the barns are all local and everyone from around here was raised alongside them, I think it resonates a little with them.

My work is coming down in a couple of weeks.  20 pieces went up on the wall and 6 have been sold. If you want to take a look and see what all the hubbub is about, head over to the Blackbird Cafe in Valpo before it's over! Their coffee is good, too!

Thanks for all of your embarrassing support!