Remember this guy?

If you checked out my post on this year's Popcorn Fest, you may remember seeing this character...


Well, it just so happens that on my way out of the grocery store with my youngest daughter today, I saw him, just as he was going in.  Same boots. Same hat. Same no-nonsense one-way shades.  I tried to get a photo with my phone, but he moved too fast.  After strapping my daughter in the car, putting the groceries in the back and a brief deliberation with myself, I unstrapped my daughter, and headed back in, fully resolved to search him out in the store.

I saw him immediately.  He had just gotten done with some banking business and was evidently about to go shopping.  I stopped him. I showed him the photo of himself on the blog post on my phone and asked him what was the deal with the outfit.  Well, here it is...

For the last six years, "Popeye the Mercenary", as he refers to himself,  has been trying to get laws passed which would call for some regulation of the paintball industry.  His real name is Steven W. Dommer, and he claims that he's the world's only paintball Child Protection Advocate. For eight years, he and his son were avid  paintball players.  They enjoyed it so much, that he thought it would be something to get into after retirement. After looking into the business with the thought of opening his own child-friendly playing field, he was shocked by the common paintball business practices he discovered.

I won't go into detail here as you can find much more information about "Popeye" and his mission  at his website, Here, you will find his 85 page "Mayday Report", an exposition of his research and findings, and the less lengthy, "Congressional Report" which is a call to action for politicians.

I know nothing about paintball.  I don't know how much it hurts or how much it costs. But I do know that this man, or "Popeye" as we shall call him, is on a very passionate mission to protect the uneducated and unprotected parents and children of paintball. If you feel that this mission is a good one, please, support "Popeye" by sharing his website and telling people about his work.