Q. What is birth photography and why?

A. Simply put, birth photography is the photographing of a birth. Why? Because the birth of a person is one of the two most unique things that will happen in their lifetime and professional photography is the best way to document the day. The resulting photos will be cherished forever. 

Q. What qualifies you as a birth photographer?

A. A few things: 1) I'm a professional photographer with years of experience with many types of photography.  2) I'm comfortable in any lighting situation you throw at me. Thinking on my feet about  lighting and environment is a skill that has served me well through the years  3) Education is important; I regularly attend childbirth meetings, read birth literature, watch videos.  4) I'm currently studying to become a DONA certified doula, so that as a laboring woman, you can feel comfortable knowing that I'm sympathetic and understanding to the entire birth process. 5) I'm a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. 6) I've delivered naturally 3 beautiful daughters. I've experienced the full birth experience and am sensitive to the needs of a woman in labor.

Q. Will you be in the way or bother me? 

A. I respect the birth process and aim to be a calm and competent presence.  I won't interfere with hospital staff or other birth attendants. On the other hand, I don't want to be viewed as a robot with a camera and will interact with you as much as I think you are comfortable with. If you ask me to hand you a glass of water, I'll hand you a glass of water. 

Q. Do you have to take crowning shots? 

A. Only if you want me to. If it't not discussed before hand, I'll try to read the situation and make a decision. Regardless of whether or not the photos are taken, by no means will any be made public without your full permission. 

Q. Will my images be published on the internet?

A. Only with your permission. I respect the sacred nature of birth and will not post any photos to the internet without your prior approval. 

Q. When do you arrive at my birth?

A. Call me as soon as you think you may be in labor! A false notification is better than a late notification. I will come to your birth when your are in active labor. 

Q. How long will you stay?

A. I will stay for as long as the birth lasts and up to two hours after.

Q. Can't my doula or a family member just take photos?

A. As a professional  photographer, I have one job at your birth - to take beautiful photos that you'll cherish forever. Even if your doula or supporting family member is a photographer, they most likely won't be able to perform both jobs to the best of their ability under the circumstances. Hiring a professional allows everyone to do their jobs with ease. 


Q. Do you use a flash? 

A. I do not use a flash, as I would consider it an intrusive presence at my own birth. My equipment is very capable of handling very low-light situations. 


Q. I'm thinking about hiring you. How do I book? 

A. Give me a call at 219.577.7303 to chat or use this contact form to send me a message. If sending a message, please leave a phone number I can reach you at. I always find that client questions are answered much easier over the phone. 

Q. When should I book?

A. As soon as you can, but it's never too late to call and inquire about availability.

Q. Are you on call?

A. If hired as your birth photographer, I would be on call 24/7 for the two weeks before and the two weeks after your due date.

Q. Will we get to know each other before the birth?

A. I sure hope so! An in-person consultation is included in the cost of your birth package. I'm also open to just chatting about your birth on the phone. I love everything about birth and want you to feel comfortable talking to me about your questions, concerns or excitement! If for some reason we don't meet in person before the day your baby is born, rest-assured that I will be gentle company.